Mezzanine/Bridge Programs  
Hartmann Development LLC provides short term, bridge loans for clients with the need to get from point A to point B without a conventional loan. Mezzanine/bridge loans are enhanced debt programs designed for qualified middle market incoming-producing properties with loan-to-value ratios that exceed 75 percent.

Hartmann Development LLC is the source for mezzanine loans from $500 thousand to $30 million. Hartmann Development LLC can access these funds in relatively short time frames, assuming clients fit the general parameters defined by its investors. Hartmann Development LLC searches their lender base to find the perfect fit  - affordable rates and reasonable terms – for any qualified property or borrower.

Hartmann Development LLC has access to investors who offer capital in the $200 thousand to $30 million range to owners throughout the United States. Our focus is flexibility, customization, and speed. We are uniquely suited to handle time-sensitive situations, and we can work with clients side-by-side in bankruptcy proceedings, REO acquisitions, and other challenged scenarios.

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