Dear Investor,


You are cordially invited, as part of a select group to invest in the most exciting Hartmann Development investment to date. You have been contacted to review this Private Placement by invitation only”; please do not circulate this invitation without the express permission of Robert D. Hartmann Sr.

Mr. Hartmann is including you in his efforts to raise capital for a Digital Media project, which has as its basis a spectacular and unique facility and its underlying real estate.  There will never be a property like this available again in our lifetime. Its location, size and waterfront cannot ever be duplicated in the New York Metropolitan area. This will be a historic and high profile transaction when announced to the entertainment world.
Annually the Worldwide Film and Television industry represents an estimated $100 Billion in gross revenue. The digital Game industry generates approximately $12 billion annually.  Both of these are regarded as the main engines of the Digital Media Industry worldwide. The North Eastern United States has long been a desirable location to produce Digital Media. NBC/General Electric and Disney/Miramax/ESPN all have very strong roots in the New York metropolitan area. Disney has gross annual earnings in its Digital Media sector (including films and TV) in excess of $38 billion (2008 earnings were $37.843 billion). This project will allow us to get further acquainted with these industry titans and others like them, and serve them.

Since 2006 when Connecticut and Massachusetts adopted generous digital media tax credits, there has been in excess of $1 billion in production in these two states alone ($341million in Connecticut and $676 million in Massachusetts). There were 43 films produced in Connecticut alone since 2006. Production in these two states took place without the existence of a major studio or basic infrastructure to support the productions. 

The State of Connecticut Film office reports that many productions wanting to film in Connecticut went elsewhere due to the lack of infrastructure, and the state is desperately trying to promote the creation of infrastructure. 
Connecticut is the ideal location for a major studio due to its proximity to New York City, and the availability of a large talent pool and excellent transportation resources.
Your investment will be secured by exceptional real estate which becomes the basis for a very dynamic (and seasoned) film distribution organization that will use the Studio as its base of operations. Our strategic partner will engage in international film distribution and simultaneously cultivate a studio rental revenue stream for the property. They will attract a diverse group of industry specific professionals that will galvanize the Digital Media Campus as a world class facility, and satisfy the existing intense industry demand for infrastructure in this region. The film distribution component of this investment will be an additional source of investment profit for the investors who seize the opportunity to participate.  
We anticipate an annual return on investment of 20%. You will be paid dividend/capital returns starting in the third year of the investment. We anticipate that your initial principal investment will be returned to you in 5-7 years. In addition there will be a plethora of tax credits, tax advantages and general benefits associated with being part of the thriving sector of the real estate industry that caters to the film and digital media industry.
To have a detailed Private Placement Memorandum sent to you (For invitees eyes only), you must sign the attached Non Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement. Return your request and survey with executed documents and we will forward our more detailed investment information report.
Join us in making history while we establish a new economic engine for Connecticut. In doing this we will improve the lives of the states residents through massive Job creation and far reaching economic stimulus, all by anchoring the digital media and entertainment industry in the northeast.



Hartmann Development LLC
Robert D. Hartmann Sr.
Executive Chairman