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Tone; Think Sleeping Beauty meets Beetlejuice, as our SLEEPLESS BEAUTY spends three caffeinated nights in Manhattan, battling The Wicked Witch and her infamous curse, saving herself from a hundred years of slumber, while protecting the life of her Prince --ALEX ORG --the rock musician who can kiss her awake. But --despite the fact our story takes place Here And Now, it begins "once upon a time" --the '90s --remember? Everybody had money, everybody was going to have more.

ROBERT and SAMANTHA TROUT --he's a New York attorney, she's a New York attorney's wife (yes, it's a dig)
--are hosting a christening for their first-born --our Beauty.

Samantha doesn't invite her neighbor –
KATRINKA, THE WICKED WITCH. Samantha doesn't want a woman who represents everything evil in her house.
Also Katrinka's better looking.

Katrinka'soffended, invites herself and you know the story --you think. She curses the infant Beauty. Beauty will prick her finger when she's 18, will fall asleep for a 100 years, as will her kingdom, well her entire block, in modern terms. But Robert --come on he's an attorney –negotiates the best deal he can. Rather than a prince --not enough of those running around New York – Beauty can end the curse by being kissed awake by her favorite rock star, as long as they fall in love,.

NOW, Beauty, who talks to us through-out our movie, explains that Robert and Samantha – who put the New York in Neurotic –
have basically ruined the first 17 years of her life by deciding they can't trust the Wicked Witch. What if Katrinkacast a flexi-curse and Beauty could fall asleep at any time, at any age, just by cutting her finger, or scrapping her knee? Robert and Samantha have kept Beauty in a kind of upscale version of a padded cell. Everything surrounding her is softened and rounded, she goes out in rubber suits and heavy gloves, and battles for every molecule of freedom --all protecting her from that imagined flexi-curse-fate that never came.

Plus Katrinkacast her spell so that no-one on Beauty's entire block could move – so all the neighbors hate Beauty, and have devolved into strange cults, trying to ward off Katrinka'scurse. The block is stuffed with shrines, talismans, charms --the Pottery Barn of weirdness.

The music of ALEX ORB makes Beauty's life bearable. He's no mere pop idol. He's actually a serious musician with something to say and his music speaks to Beauty. Especially a new song he's just posted on his 'Works In Progress' page. It's so new it's known as 'Untitled 1'. But now, Beauty's three days from turning 18, her life feels more like a prison than ever, and it's TIME TO REBEL.Enter APHIXIA,Beauty'sbest friend forever – a 17 year Goth Girl whose weapon of choice is her sarcastic wit (and wow! she's good at it).But when it comes to Beauty she has a heart of Goth Gold.

On this fateful night, Aphixiaenters Beauty's bedroom through the window, having just come from getting her tongue pierced.
That's the final straw for Samantha, who views Aphixiaas the worst influence ever, and a one girl pointy object.
Samantha kicks out Aphixia, Beauty runs away with her, telling her mom she has three more nights until she turns 18 and goes to sleep forever. She's going to live for 72 hours!

Katrinka, the Wicked Witch, has returned to her Manhattan brownstone, wanting to watch her curse work on Beauty.
She has two companions--teenagers, in demon years at least --ABOCROMBIE and FLINCH, squat scaly creatures.
Katrinka'sno one-dimensional witch --evil yes, but full of angst, more alone than she dares to admit,
and using red wine to drown those 'witchly' sorrows.

FATE --the engine of even off-beat fairy-tales --delivers Alex Orb to Beauty's block. HE IS MOVING THERE!
He's taking up a musical residency at a nearby club --the Bottle Rocket. Two things become apparent to Beauty and Aphixia– Alex is Beauty's potential prince and will be moving to Beauty's neighborhood just in time to fall asleep for a century. This is even a surprise to Katrinka. Did Fate deliver Beauty's prince, so she could be kissed awake, or only make her curse all the more cruel, because he'll be asleep too. Katrinkaplans to make sure it's the later that's true.

Beauty and Aphixiacan't even get to see Alex to warn him, because Katrinka'screated a
DEMON DOORMAN to keep them away from Alex. His name's THE GATEKEEPER --seven feet tall,
half-flesh/half-stone --but what beats in that conflicted heart of his? He didn't even want to come to New York,
and his demon wife is divorcing him. "You think I'm leaving the Netherworld for a closet in Manhattan?!"
were her parting words.

Brave Beauty and Aphixiapay a visit to Katrinka, demanding that they be given a chance to see Alex.
How can Beauty get her Prince to fall in love with her, if he doesn't even know she exists. Katrinkasees the point.Katrinkagives Beauty two hours to talk to her would-be Prince, then transforms Abocrombieand Flinch into human form --to stop her. She is The Wicked Witch after all. Thus begin three nights of demonic doings, unexpected alliances, comic quirks – and real moments of romance and emotion that keep quirks from just being quirky. Will Beauty live happily ever after, will The Wicked Witch succumb to the fate she deserves (or get into serious therapy), will Robert and Samantha reunite with their precious Beauty. Will Aphixiafinally get a boyfriend --a seven-foot demon called The Gatekeeper?!!
And what will be the kiss that awakens Beauty?